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"The SimpsonScarborough research findings have been integrated on a number of fronts. Almost immediately, our marketing and admissions offices incorporated the findings into messaging across all media, and the research is being used to upgrade our website. We also used the findings to construct new messages, which we then tested against our current messaging. It was no surprise that those based on the SimpsonScarborough research resonated much higher with prospective students and their parents than the ones we had traditionally used. Just this first set of changes combined with our ongoing marketing and admissions efforts has resulted in a 22% increase in applications for our traditional students. We couldn’t be more pleased!"

Meghan Corbin, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Mercyhurst College

"SimpsonScarborough was very effective at gathering and organizing input from various campus constituents to understand our unique set of challenges. From those conversations, they were able to synthesize the feedback into a coherent picture of our strengths and opportunities for improvement, injecting their experience and perspective to guide recommendations."

Eric Maguire, Vice President for Enrollment
Ithaca College